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Here is a post from Melwelch from his 2008 Halloween show.

Heres a link to the forum it came from.

You beat me to that. Mel will tell you how he did it with Light-O-Rama, possibly give you the Grainger solenoid gas valve part number, show you the 1-lb propane tanks he uses, tell you how he refills those, etc. I've been to his "how-to" twice. He also says he's a licensed pyrotechnician and advise you not to do it, as it is quite dangerous.

The "Great Balls Of Fire" sequence was done with tiki torches as a pilot light, and a copper tube leading from the propane tank, with the solenoid valve in-line, feeding up to the torch flame. He opens the valve for a blast of propane to be ignited by the tiki torch which causes the fireball. Part of the sequencing magic is knowing how long it takes for the propane to escape from the feed tube and flame up, so the ball of fire is fully synchronized.

He has since switched to patio-style propane-fueled fire pits. He sticks with the 1 pound propane tank for safety reasons, as it limits how long a mistake can burn.

I've got cell-phone videos of this past season,, where he did "Hot Chocolate" (Polar Express)

He will be back at the Christmas Carolina Convention in August, again showing how he did it.

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I simply LOVE it.......But what does the Fire Dept. have to say about this...........Is it legal ?

In Mel Welch's case, he has a license to do that. He's a trained pyro technician. He's done a lot of the fireworks for some of the rock bands who use them in their shows. He carries the appropriate insurance and knows the proper safety procedures.

I won't use fire in my display, but I really like knowing how it's done. I just keep the 5 year old boy next door in mind when I do my display, knowing he's likely to handle everything, and not wanting to get him injured.

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