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Spt Sale?

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I can remember hearing several times that SPT wire and vampire plugs go on sale in February, but I haven't heard a word about it.

I'm trying to patient but it's not really my best virtue, does anyone have any information on when we could expect a sale?

CDI is having a sale right now but hurry ends Feb 11th!


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Over on DIYC they're looking to see who would be interested in a group buy of SPT and vampire plugs.


Note, this is an interest-only posting, not an actual order. They do these in anticipation of taking the totals to vendors to see what type of price breaks can be gotten.

I know that doing this in the Triangle area of NC, we got the prices way down......from last year's group buy:

From http://www.christmascarolina.com/forums/showthread.php/673-SPT-2-Wire-group-buy-in-Raleigh-Area

Mark 1000 ft= $77

Walter 2000 ft = $154

Kevin (SC) 1000 ft = $77

Jack 1000 ft =$77

Denny 3000 ft paid in full and more than he should. Thank you Denny.

Don 2000 ft = $154

Kevin (NC) 1000 =$77

That included the shipping, as a pallet, to a single location. I had to drive about 30 miles to get to that location, but as we were having a mini at the time, I was doing the mileage anyway.

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