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Connecting Lor Controllers

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In the process of planning out my display for next year, and I'm trying to think about what I am going to use to connect my LOR controllers together. Recommended by LOR is either phone cable or Cat5 cable, so which one is more effective/efficient? Phone Cable is a little bit cheaper than Cat5 according to my calculations, but I need something that's able to withstand the elements and is efficient enough to run through sidewalk arches, through gutters, and in underground conduit.

That being said, what's your opinion on this? It will end up going out my living room window, so how do you recommend doing that as well? I wish I had the funds to pay for the wireless linkers, but that's not happening anytime soon. Any recommendations I can get are appreciated.



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I have heard there is not any difference but i use cat5 cable and have never had any issues. on the controller there is only 1 connector for the phone cable and 2 cat 5 connections

I find it cheaper to buy cable and cut it to length then put my own connectors on it as 100' patch cords can get real pricey.

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I have nothing bad to say about monoprice.com. Good products, good prices, good color and size options, and delivered very timely. I've bought all my cords there and would suggest them to anybody.

Thanks for the info! Incredible prices. Came just a bit too late for me unfortunately. First of the year I bought a 50' and 100' cable through Walmart.com at what I thought were pretty good prices. Not near this cheap though.
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