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Wichita Get Together?

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Ok I have in for the 19th and I'm good for your place Steve. I agree that it should just be informal and we can discuss ideas and thoughts for this year and things that work and don't work that we have seen in our displays.

Is 1:00 ok with everyone? We need to get a consensus of what time so everyone can make it!

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The address is 1462 Coolidge (Riverside area of Wichita). That's near the intersection of 13th and Amidon. Coolidge is a couple of blocks east of the river. North on Coolidge and follow your nose to a white house with green shutters on the east side of the road. Go ahead and park in the street. My phone number is 721-5719 in case anyone needs directions.

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I've got the folks listed below as good to go for this Saturday at 1:00 at my place. No big deal if there are a few others. We'll just need more food. Let me know if I've missed someone. See you soon.

p.s. Can Dave or Mel confirm Biscuit????






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Hey guys, thought everyone might put together videos, picture, etc. for Saturday. I think we all would like to get an idea what each others show looks like. I'll get an information page ready for Saturday and get everyone's info and email it to all the locals......

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