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Extra Controllers

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Hey all Arizonians! I am throwing this out now to put the bug in everyone's ear. Our show is expanding this year to include 2 houses! I heard several people do this last year, one being my Father and Bill Learning. Does anyone have any spare controllers they could loan us for the show? I know most of the AZ contingent is in the Phoenix Area, so it is no problem for us to drive to pick-up and drop off. To complete the plan our neighbor and us have in mind we'd need 3 more controllers. If anyone has extra they are not using, we'd greatly appreciate at. AND we'll give your show free plugs in our voice-overs!

Thanks in advance!

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Not trying to let the air out of your balloon or anything but since your going two houses maybe a static setup would be better option and just focus on layout? I know two years ago when all my stuff got "fried" last year i was starting over and i wanted to go animated but i didnt have enough time to regroup. Had ebough time to put boards together and get half way through a song and before i knew it i had 100 different things going at once and still didnt get done what i wanted. I guess what im saying is dont bite off more then you can chew. Look at it like this one house is a lot of work and two houses well....BUNCH! I wish the best of luck though hope you can pull off and animate two houses! :) Dont forget to take video too!

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