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I have the following lights for sale from what i listed previously: some items are in addition to what I had before. Others are relisting to show what is still available. Please pm if interested! Prices are before shipping, you pay actual shipping charges only. If you are an international user you will cover shipping charges to you if you are interested, including cananda. Here's what I have left/so far to go:

1- 60 count LED Warm White on white wire - $4

1- 60 count LED Multi white wire - $4

8- 100 count multi mini lights on green wire $1.50 per box.

7- 100 count blue mini lights on green wire $1.50 per box.

2- 300 count green garland type mini lights - $3 each.

4- 100 count green mini lights on green wire- $1.50 per box.

12 C6 LED cool white $50 for all.

3 c7 warm white sets - $15 for all.

Light clips - $1 for box.

6 100 count red mini lights on green wire $1.50 per box.

1 strobe light $5

spiral trees - please pm for details.

1 set of blue rope light - $3

White icicle lights - all for $5

1- 70 count mini lights red on green wire $2

24 cord wraps - $20 for all

3 fog machines - FREE except for shipping charges.

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