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My latest "Creations"

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I wanted to share these pictures with everyone. These are some pics of the projects I have been working on. It took a little over a week to do these, which includes stripping, taping, and painting. This past summer I mentioned I was going to do the TPI Ice angel and I'm pretty happy with the result. I wish I had bought a few more of them (I always do that--DOH!)

The Poloron candles (I did do two, but only repainted one) were totally beat up when I got them.

I will be showing the step by step on these at the Mini in September for anyone interested.


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glenn wrote:


Very nice work. I have a couple of candles that look like your before pictures. Maybe after the mini in Sep. I can improve their looks.


Glenn, I'm sure you can improve your candles. Doing this just takes time, its really not a hard thing to do at all. I did take step by step photosoftherepaintswhich I will show at the mini (for those interested--others may find it more interesting to watch paint dry! LOL)

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Randy G wrote:

Carrie, The molds look fantastic! You did a great job with clean crisp details!Did you just tape and spray paint them or did you do some hand work too?

Thank you, Randy. I taped and spray painted but I did do some small touch up work (and the angel's face) by hand.

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blowmoldcolector wrote:

Carrie, on the angle did you just paint over the ice look?

Tyler, the Ice molds are just clear plastic, so to answer your questionin a word, yes. I didn't like the TPI Ice molds, I thought they were boring (please--I mean no offense to anyone who likes them--I just thought they were bland and I hated the hot spot) so I painted it to see what would happen. I had been planning this for a while but just now got around to doing it. It was a fun project. Now I need to get an Ice bear!

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Carrie Sansing wrote:

I don't think it qualifies as it's not really original?

The paint job is original isn't it? You took a clear blowmold and added color...that is creating something.

According to the rules...if you can build it, buy it or slap it together you can enter it.

Also non-prop catagory....says it can be a simple blowmold.

You can always run it by Mark or Chuck.

Of course you can always make her fly...LOL

Either way she is beautiful and you did a really nice job on her. From her hair to her gown.She justglows, even without the light lit.

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