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Clearing Out The Garage

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Hi folks,

I sold most my goodies last November when I had the garage attic insulated and I'm prepping to clean out the lower garage next weekend. Before I begin, I need to clear out the remaining Christmas items first (they take up quite a bit of room). If anyone wants these items, speak up. First come, first serve. I will sell full sets only:

-- Eight 6' outside white trees with 1800 lights each (600 R; 600 G; 600 W) $10.00 each

-- Six arches with 8-channels (100 white lights each channel) $10.00 each

-- Seven splash pools (for the bottom of each arch) $10.00 each

Total for all: $175.00 ($35 discount over individual prices).

Note: See them in action at www.staffordlights.com/videos.htm. As with all Christmas light minis, some bulbs may need replacement.

They leave the garage next Sunday no matter what. I'd prefer they be used for their intended purpose. Must be picked up from Stafford, Va. (North of Fredericksburg area). Finally, you'll need quite a large vehicle (everything would definitely fill up a van). Give me a call...



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