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Many Thanks To Our Troops And Others

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Before you start jumping for joy you have to remember he has minions and im guessing just about now they are furious! Is there a plan b for when he is dead? will the terror groups stop now that he is dead? why were the people doing this was it b/c they were scared of him and now hes dead so they can quit? Its like a weed you tear the top off and it just comes back you need to get it by the roots. One man dead with these people with the thoughts and determination that they have and not afraid of doing the whole kamikazie thing. Think about this is he better off alive to be tortured and questioned? Maybe...are we better off that he is dead? Maybe...Im more worried now then before (well im not worried but you start thinking and...well) The bee's nest has been agitated...Hopefully nothing bad happens but i still like to see him in a dark hole being questioned maybe get some kind of info that could lead to the stoppage or all of this. Everybody has a boss no matter how far up the food chain you might thinght you are...Or somone else just gonna step into his posistion. I dont think killing him was a wise choice now they still dont know anything ...Question him first then kill him.

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A little bit off the Christmas topic, but maybe that's okay in these times. Perhaps we should think about some animated flags, etc. for Independence Day? Personally, I fly the First Navy Jack that day. The one with the coiled snake that says "Don't Tread On Me" --- now that would be a great LOR sequence! Maybe a programming contest at Christmas Expo -- something more difficult than WOW that already pounds in everyone's head. Just a thought.

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