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Check These Out! C9 Yard And Roof Perimeter Setup For Sale!

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Hi Everyone,

I am now ready to sell off another unique part of my display off. So today I'm selling the c9 lights and strings that I run around the perimeter of my yard and the outline of the roof.

As you can tell from the pictures, there's a ton of c9 lights as each board contains 5 different colors of c9 lights (white, blue, red, green and multi).

I tried to build everything in my display with a lot of though and care and to not only look great at night but add to the house and look pretty in the daytime as well and these are no exception! :)

The boards are all 8' foot boards that have been given at least two (might have been three) coats of outdoor semi-gloss paint to help protect them against the weather. Each bulb on each board has been stapled on both sides of the board to keep the bulb upright (I like things to look very even and well spaced in my display instead of just thrown together so I took a lot of extra time to make them look good). Each set of colored string was also staggered 2.5" apart to make sure that you could see all of the bulbs from all 5 strings at any time.

The color effects of the c9s spaced this way really makes the house look like it is dancing as when you are switching the lights from color to color it looks like the colors are jumping as the lights are all evenly spaced 1 foot apart on each string and when you switch to another color it looks like they jumped 2 inches left or right and changed color but are still all spaced 1 foot apart.

A bit more about each set:

Yard Perimeter - Each of the 1"x3"x8' boards is painted a dark green to blend into the grass during the day and dissapear at night. Each board has an approximately 12" tall piece of 3/4" pvc beneath it on each side and one in the middle (to keep it from sagging in the middle) to lift the lights up off the ground and to create a little bit of a barrier for people to realize they shouldn't be stepping into your yard. Each PVC pipe leg has been wrapped in red electrical tape to make it look like a candy cane, they look great during the day! and with all of the different colored lights spaced so evenly apart I've been told it makes the house look like candy land during the day.

Roof Perimeter - Each of the 1"x3"x8' boards is painted a black color to blend into the roof, making it look like the lights are attached to the actual roof both during the day and especially at night! Each 8' board has a perpendicular 7" board placed at each end and one in the middle (to prevent any sagging) to keep the main 8' section of the board off of your roofline. You can secure the boards a bunch of different ways, but with our roof, I would hammer one nail into the smaller perpindicular (foot) boards at the edge of the roof. Because the corners of our roof are eves that hang over the house and because the tar would heat up and seal the small hole the nail created, it's never leaked, and even if it did ever drip, it was an on and even that would drip to the outside of the house anyway. The lights were very secure and withstood 30+ mph winds withought shifting up there. Heck, I built a 26' tree with 5' foot bethlehem star on top of it to put on the roof, the roof perimeter lights were child's play! :)

The nice thing about these lights is, they are all modular and can be adapted for any yard or roof or anything! And they store very nicely as well! The 8' boards all fold accordian style up against each other as you're pulling everything down or putting them up and for reference, it would take me and two other people about an hour to set up the whole yard with perimeter lights and they would look beautiful and were all already perfectly spaced!

A lot of time and effort and money went into these and I would like to get a very reasonable $250 for the yard perimeter lights and $300 for the roof perimeter lights. As you can tell, you're getting C9s times 5 different colors! If memory serves me right, you're getting 35 strings of c9 lights for the yard perimeter and 50 strings C9 lights for the roof perimter. Throw in all of the work, wood, paint, staples and sore backs to bend down and staple each side of every light and we're talking priceless!

I'll post up some good pictures below so you can get a better idea of all of the hard work that went into these and how pretty they are! :)

Btw, I live in Chino, CA. :)










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I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing the insane level of precision, and attention detail that manages to come out of this forum; it makes me smile every time. Thought I can never decide if it's good for me to see that there are in fact people like me out there or if it just makes me feel less "special."

Either way very nice work.

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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all of the compliments. I hadn't received any email notices the thread had been replied to (I might have to go back and check my settings) so I had assumed no one had responded. :)

I've emailed and Pm'd those that have Pm'd me and have someone coming over tomorrow to look at a bunch of stuff I'm planning on selling.

I will update everyone if they sell and will also be posting a bunch of other stuff soon as well. :)

Thanks again!


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