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Vampire Plugs & Spt-2 Wire

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One of the members of DIYC is running a group buy on Vampire Plugs and SPT-2 wire. The prices include the PayPal fees of 2.9% of the total price +$0.30. This does not include shipping but will be shipped UPS at the business rate. Payments are due prior to the parts being ordered.

The prices are for PRE-PAID PRE-ORDERS only! The pre-order time is for the next two weeks only and ends after June 30th.

Vampire PlugsThese plugs are UL Listed for AC use. They are made for SPT-2 wire and are dark green in color. They are available in both Male and Female in packages of 50 each. The slides are packaged in a separate bag. The plugs are $18.65 (37.3¢ each) including the PayPal “merchant fees” for the Pre-order phase only. After this, the price will be $25 per bag.

SPT-2 WireThe SPT-2 wire is 18 gauge, 2 conductors with the “ribs” on the neutral conductor’s insulation. This will come in rolls of 1000′. The wire rolls on Pre-Orders are $108.25 per roll including the PayPal fees. The regular price is $125.00

Additional information can be obtained at his website. http://foleyfamilych...om/?page_id=623

PS: I'm only the messenger. ::)

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To bad it's not Spt1, I need about 500 M and 800 f with 6000 feet of zip cord. Oh well....

I also need SPT1. 6000 ft, and 300 Males and 400 females. Really need to stick with SPT1, as I have hundreds of plugs left from the past couple of years.

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