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Painting Fire Hydrant?

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I have a fire hydrant on my property up into my yard which isnt a problem i do all the weed eating around it make sure everything is clear all of that but heres the thing its PINK AND BLUE! It doesnt match anything in this whole neighborhood! My house has fire engine red doors and house is white. Fire dep. comes out sometimes and repaints it the SAME COLOR PINK AND BLUE! What is their problem? Can i paint it? I have the paint. Its not a real big deal but its pink and blue! What is with those colors? I would like to see it red and white youa know fire department colors or red and gold something nice but NOT PINK AND BLUE! Ugliest fire hydrant that has ever existed i swear and if ya dont believe its pink and blue i will get pictures lol

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Check with the fire dept. Most of the time they are painted a certain color depending on a couple of factors.

1. Size of water main

2. Amount of water it will provide

3. Pressure

All of these help the arriving engine know what they are dealing with when they roll up. If you work with the fire dept you might suggest a different color pattern the next time they are repainting, or at least a different shade of the same colors. This may be a state or county color pattern as well.

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Another idea is just to look at other hydrants in your area. If there are no others that are that color, then call your FD and find out why yours is pink. If they don't have a reason, then find out what you can do to change the color. Who knows, maybe the city painter had a bunch of that color left over from something else.

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Apparently yours is a private hydrant of non potable water.

Top Colors

NFPA 291

BLUE 1500 GPM or more Very good flows

GREEN 1000-1499 GPM Good for residential areas

ORANGE 500-999 GPM Marginally adequate

RED Below 500 GPM Inadequate

Body Colors

NFPA standards require that private hydrants placed on or near public streets be painted a color that will distinguish them from public hydrants. Furthermore OSHA standards require sources of non-potable water be painted violet. We require that all hydrant bodies in our district reflect the responsible ownership and/or operation of the hydrant.

WHITE Public System Hydrant (EBMUD)

YELLOW Private System Hydrant Connected to public water main

RED Special Operation Hydrant Not used except for spcl. procedures

VIOLET Non Potable Supply Effuent, pond or lake supply


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The thing with the NFPA is that each municipality can choose any bits and pieces they want. I am a Lieutenant for the La Crosse FD. I can tell you we have three common colors and a couple different ones. They do not coincide with the NFPA standards. At one time they let someone paint them like people, dogs, etc... I thought it was cool. Although, we do not have an issue with water pressure and volume. We are very fortunate. I would jut call your FD and ask. It usually never hurts to ask.

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