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Ice 2011 Swap Meet

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I wanted to start a separate thread for those that may want to buy, sell, swap some items at ICE.

We also have at least 2 vendors that will be there as well with items for sale!

(think "free shipping")


Feel free to post up what you have or are looking for...

You might be surprised how many things you might be able to cross off your list at ICE!


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Evry thing i have is at www.winksale.yolasite.com just email or pm me and i will bring it with ti ice


I am looking for 48 sets of 20ct clear minis if anyone has some to get rid of. Thanks, I will be at ICE and could pick up there.

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I will be there with the follow from TwoDoglightStore. With recent events in mind, TDLS will be liquidating all remaing stock over the next few momths..If you have been thinking of ordering a VDRIVE/VFLOOD combo now is the time!!....

I will have Terry post a price list for me here early next week since I will be Roadtripping my way to ICE.


I will have all these items in Limited supply that are in the image above:

If you are comng to ICE and you see something on my list below you are interested in, let me know so I can set aside for you!!

VDRIVE/VFLOOD combos (20)

(will have a special package for ICE!, If I run out I will honor the ICE price as an order and ship free with the next build batch early August. You will have to be at ICE to get this promo offer)

Small 2 amp DMX controllers ( I will be able to set channels on site)(12) (Sorry already all SOLD!!)

12v 2 amp switching power supplies.(16)

12v 10amp switching power supplies.(5)

5 conductor waterproof pigtails.(30)

50/50 LED strip modules (180+ modules)

Straw hat modules (20)

Square 50/50 modules ( 10)

50/50 strip ribbons ( 300 LED ct) (4 reels)

4 conductor RGB cable "by the foot" (300+ feet)

*** I will also have 20 meters of RGB "flexible Neon" with 2 controllers. I ordered to see if it would work on one of my projects for this year. It cost me $8 per meter plus shipping from China. Will sell for $150. This saves shipping if you are at ICE! here are some images







All of my assembled Demo Units I have at ICE will be for sale..

This unit has a VFLOOD along with the "Luxeon Rebel Star Project" ( $50 worth of LEDS alone) , 12 amp power supply, and enclosure. This package will sell for $125.


I am currently finishing a 6 Star VDRIVE Package. It will have a 24v 10amo Power supply, in the same enclosure. $135,( I will post images as soon as possible..)

2 ORIGINAL XMAS floods.. yes these are the 2 orginals that started all the "constant current" controversy, but proved it was the correct technology . They have 3 Luxeon Rebel Stars LEDS...I will no longer need them for my display. I will also include a tool to set the channels. $250 for the pair!

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