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I just want to thank Drew for the great LOR immersion classes. Had a really great time meeting some new friends and feel like I learned a lot. As soon as I came home, I told my husband that we needed to start laying out the display because I needed to get going on my programming (already feeling behind). But I know I took a lot of great things away from the two-days of instruction and look forward to putting my new found knowledge to good use.

Thanks again Drew and I look forward to keeping in touch with several friends from class.

Lisa Kennedy

co-creator of 'MegaFlake'

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I want to echo that! Has a great time, and was able to make a few new friends as well. It is great to put names with faces. That snowflake really is huge Lisa, very nice. I might have to make a road trip one day to see that thing in person.

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Hello Everyone,

I also supports the enthusiastic write-up by Lisa and Nancy about the LOR Emersion class and making new friends. No matter your experience level using LOR controllers and sequencing, everyone learned more. I know that I did. I also have to start sequencing...can't wait to put to use what I learned. Thanks to Drew, all of the other presenters, Dan and (most of all) Chuck.

- John Antoniewicz

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