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Moved (again)

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Well it has been some time since I last posted, and I was announcing I was going to move into a house. Well that house didn't pan out like I thought it would and so the search continued for something that I could rent or purchase. I had less than 8 days before I had to be out of my last place and so the search was frantic.

The news:

I happened to find a house that hadn't really been put on the rent market yet and just happened to meet the owner at the bank we both use. I said I was looking for something and he said I have something that I'm about to put a for rent sign on. I went to see it and signed the papers that day! Was able to move in and out of the other place in 3 days time.

The house is a 3bd 1ba older home and has 4 pillars that make the front of the porch. My one dilemma is I have a giant (about 50 - 60ft) tall evergreen tree in the front right at the curb. It's about 12 ft from the base of the trunk to the first branches, but the branches overhang to about 6 ft off the ground. I'd work around it, but it's right in the middle next to the sidewalk.

Other than that I have ideas for a show, just have to get the controllers.

But I'm excited and see myself in this home for quite a while.

Wish me luck!


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Maybe you could just do the tree! 60' would make a great tree! You could do something like they did for the worlds largest Christmas tree in guatamala! Could be an idea, that is if the tree blocks the whole house anyways!

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The only problem with tree is that it is too wide and almost flat at the top... you wouldn't see much of it since it is right up against the road. I have been looking at the yard and have more area on the left side to work with than the right side, so I'm thinking a perfect place to put a tune to sign is right on the trunk....

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