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Rsvp For Sept 10 Mini

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Everything for the Fall Mini, Sept 10, 2010 in central Florida is on schedule and we need to get an estimated head count of the persons attending. If you did not receive the FLPC email requesting your RSVP then please reply here and let us know you will be attending. If you would like to be on FLPC's email list then please send me a message with your email and I will add you to the list. There is no charge to belong to FLPC. Hope to see you at the Mini.

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I'll be there!! :D

Fall Mini Agenda Update

Ron Lister will be discussing how he used Colonnade Strips and Clips in his display, especially on the roof line. Ron's display is fantastic and he has always been very gracious about sharing his knowledge. These seem to be a very efficient way to attach lights, I'm looking forward to see how Ron made use of them.

Chuck Hutchings will be doing a demo on his famous North Poles. 10' of PVC can make 4 poles with no waste. He also will bring some "kits" for those of us who want to make things easier. $14 each. There seems to be a never ending list of how to use a pair of these in a display.

Mike Demaria from Lightorama will be doing a demo of the new visualizer in the S3 software. He'll have the beta version on his laptop and we'll get to see S3 live. There's a lot of buzz about this new version and we get to have a sneak peek.

Paul, our host, is doing pulled pork sandwiches and a veggie pizza, if there is a demand for it. Rumor has it that his house will be smelling of cookies and brownies in the days leading up to the mini.

Of course there will plenty of time to seek answers, brag about your display, and to get ideas for future additions.

So check your calendars and email or message me with your RSVP and whether or not you want the veggie pizza.

Hope to see you there.

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I would like to attend but need details (when, where, time, etc.)

I tried emailing and PM Patti but have not heard back.

Would someone please supply me with the details.

Thanks very much.

here is the link to the flyer; all the details are in there


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If anyone is interested in some c9 led lights I will bring them with me to the MINI, I have the following these are used lights:

38 red led strings $3.00 ea. from WINTERLAND-XMAS LIGHTS

23 blue led strings $3.00 ea. from WINTERLAND-XMAS LIGHTS

32 multi led strings $2.50 ea. from WAL-MART

The double 3d star, $125.00, without lights, $75.00.


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