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Sweeping/chasing Light Fades

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So I am having a hard time doing the sweeping fade thing (I call it the paint brush stroke). You know what I'm talking about - Holdman is great at it, so are a few others. The "wave" with lights. Any tips on how to do this? I'm really struggling after playing with it for two years.

Thanks compadres!

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It depends on how many pieces you have in your chase line I have found. But for me I have 14 tress in mine. I have found that if I turn on number 1,2 then 3 and finish 1 fade by the time 3 comes on it look pretty good. So number 1 is fading down from being on until tree 3 comes on.

You also might want to try adding fade ups at the beginning of the tree turning in too.

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