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Interfacing Lor With An Led Message Board

Chance Reecher

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Well, I think I've finally found something I want to do that I can't quite figure out how to do myself.

I have purchased an LED message board that can interface with a PC which I will be using this year to display info pertinent to the light show, like my website, radio frequency, shutdown time, etc. I would also like said message board to display the current song that LOR is playing, something to the effect of "Now playing - Amazing Grace" and so on for my other songs.

I realize that in order to do this I need to find some way to get LOR to output the name of the current sequence in some way that I can take it's outputted info and modify a file on the show PC which will then be read by the sign's control software and sent to the sign.

I'm thinking some sort of script will do this. I wonder if I can just get LOR to output to a text file, or even perhaps run a script at the beginning of each sequence. Does anyone know how to make LOR do this? I'm at a loss here and would really like to figure out how to do this.

Oh, and not that it's really relevant, but the sign I bought is an Alpha 4120C from Adaptive Microsystems.

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Yes. LOR has a windows command that you can have execute at the start of a sequence. You can use a windows batch file .bat to run a command or set of commands. I use this to update my BetaBrite. I setup sequences at the start of the show, voice overs, songs and at shutdown.

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