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Thankful My Twins Made It

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I'm thankful to be back in the world of animated lighting, after taking a two year hiatus. When I started this journey I had just bought my house and for my first Christmas I did a small display with "Mr. Christmas lights and sounds". It sparked my interest and I found this forum where I learned all I could about sequencing light shows.

My first display was a 4th of July show in 2009. I had a BBQ at my house and then brought all my guests out to the front of the house for my first show. It was a proud moment and I real sense of accomplishment. Check out my Vimeo channel videos of a couple of the songs I used. http://vimeo.com/6253717 All of my friends were ultra impressed, and I thought I did a pretty good job for my first show.

I enjoyed the experience so much that I also put together a show for Halloween that same year. This was only my second Halloween in my house, and I was disappointed that first year that not one kid rang my doorbell. I was stuck eating all the candy I bought (well actually I took it into work). The second year was different, my light show brought the kids up the street and my neighbors were all thankful that they weren't stuck with candy for another year.

I forgot to mention that I did all of the above while pregnant with twins. I was due in late January so I knew that putting on a Christmas show would not be an option that year. Little did I know the ride I was about to go on. Just a week and a half after taking down the Halloween show I went into pre-term labor. I found myself in the hospital at 29 weeks and my doctors said they wanted to keep me there for at least 5 weeks while they tried to delay my delivery. I was in shock! Unfortunately they were only able to delay everything for 3 days and my twins were born at 29 1/2 weeks. They were unbelievably strong though, and only needed help breathing for less than 24 hours, but they were very tiny. They stayed in the hospital for 7 weeks while I went back and forth everyday to visit them. I did manage to put up a small static display that year.

My twins came home in January of 2010 and I'm happy to say have been healthy and happy (they've only had one cold! touch wood!) The last year and a half has been a total blur, I just didn't have any time for light shows or much of anything else for that matter. To my neighbors' dismay, no 4th of July, no Halloween and no Christmas shows. But I'm excited to say I've been bit by the bug again and I think this year my kids will actually be able to share a little in the joy of the lights. I've started making plans for the Halloween Show and have purchased the Coro Pumpkin and Quartet. I don't think I'll use the whole quartet this year, but I'm excited to integrate the pumpkin into my sequences.

I've been browsing the forums and have enjoyed reading about all the new products and upgrades you have all made to your shows. I wish I could be as technically inclined as some of you all! We are going away for Christmas this year, so once again, there will just be a small static show. But I'm happily sequencing for 2012!

Looking forward to sharing ideas and learning from you all again!

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Glad the twins are doing well. How will you have the time to do anything else but take care of them? Take it easy and don't stress out. Plenty of time down the road. All I have to do to get my grand kids' attention is to plug in some lights. The littlest one gets mad when I unplug them.

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