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Prepping For This Season

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okay .....up and running 5 o'clock friday, today.... yahoo

Good job, Don. Our lights went on a week ago, and it seems I've been making a modification or adjusting something everyday up until this point.

I'm pretty sure there is no such thing as "done".

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Anyone half way local to Arlington have a couple of extra male SPT1 vampire cords? It appears that

the batch I have is bad, will send them back, but need to make a couple of cords to finish up nativity on the roof.

SPT1 vampire plugs? I've got a whole box of them.

I'm down in Seattle, not sure I can get them to you easily or quickly.

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Well - its time to get started on this years (2012) display as I will be adding five 6 point awesome cosmic color ribbon STARS (each one is 5 foot wide) above the awesome arches and and a new lightorama product for this year on the eve of the house, cosmic color bulbs. I am also going to upgrage the lights in the big tree to Light Emiting Diodes (led's) as that will make it 2 times brighter and I will be adding more strobe lights.The add ons will be 1,050 more channels to program in the software this year for a total of 1,982 channels!!(I guess I better get busy --LOL) I will also be adding some new songs

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Thanks ----over the top this year LOL

these strobes suck had to throw away 20 of them thisyear (water in them)http://www.christmaslightshow.com/mini-strobe-light.html

 these are GREAT no problems  http://www.creativedisplays.com/product/890/C-9-Incandescent-Strobe-Clear/

Merry Christmas ----how long till you take yours down ---we got to get down there !!!!!

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