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Lor Days For Halloween

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I'm getting my Halloween show put together, and running LOR on it for the first time. I will be getting it started on the first of Oct. with a little luck. My question is should I run the LOR every night of Oct. or just weekends, or maybe even just on Halloween or a few days before? I have the show set up so I can either run with or without LOR at any given time so days LOR is not running the rest of the show still can, just n dancing lights and music. Thank you in advance for all the help.

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Last year, I ran mine every day the week BEFORE Halloween for just a couple hours. Then the night before and on Halloween night, I extended the show time. This year, I will be having my show going for TWO weeks before Halloween. Since mine has music played over some speakers, I will have the shows be shorter on week days, longer on weekends, and even longer on the day before and the day of Halloween!

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