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We have several types of floods. We have about 4 RGB DJ lights that give lots of color. They require DMX.

We also have CFL floods bought at Lowes on sale. (they are CFLs inside a flood light shaped bulb) Those come in colors, but as with incandescent floods, you can paint the lens the color you want, and save a bundle. That is what the manufacturer does, so just buy white light and spray paint the lenses with Krylon for Plastic. We aren't using Rainbow Floods, so I don't have any suggestions there.

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How do these work?

Are you asking about the rainbow floods?

If so, they are pretty easy. Depending how many you have and what you want, you will need atleast 3 channels. You turn them off and on just like regular channels in LOR. To change the colors, you just set different intensities on each channel.

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