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Lowe's Mini Price Hike

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Not sure if anyone else has posted a thread about this yet, but I was at Lowes the other day and noticed they jacked their 100-count Mini prices up $.60 to $3.29. I remember when they were $1.99 a box. I'm wondering if the price hike is out of necessity or some sort of ploy intended to drive customers towards LEDs, but really? $3.29 for 100 minis? Sad.

Either way, with the price of minis going up and the decreased availalbity of them, I'm glad I'm done buying lights to expand my display. I'm heading off to college next year and will be doing a very, very small show that my family can set up while I'm away and I can hook up to a couple controllers when I come home for Thanksgiving.

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One thing I have noticed is Lowes always starts higher and then runs a sale on them. Walmart is selling their minis for $2.88 right now, which is a little better, but I sure miss the $1.99 days! Luckily I bought cases last year on clearance.

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walmart has gone up to,oh well just won't buy as many this year and maybe with the higher price maybe more will be left for the clearance sales:)

Higher prices won't stop people from buying. WE are Christmas Light Enthusiasts. WE go to the extreme. When a average-John/Jane purchases lights for the holiday, they may not be out to light up the whole house. So, they look at what they really want. 400 or so for their tree. Maybe some lights to hang around the fireplace or along the crown molding in the family room. Have you ever watched what people buy when they go through the Christmas Shop at Walmart? 1 or 2 boxes of lights for a specific project. And with the price @ 2.88, they're not spending a bunch of money. They may just buy some to put around their windows or doors. We know that it takes only 1 string to go around a door or window.

But, we also know that there is a large discount AFTER the holiday. Most people won't go thru the trouble of getting up at 5 am on Dec. 26 and doing a store-to-store Christmas Light excursion. Bottom line is this, the prices will ALWAYS go UP. They will NOT come DOWN. For example, I have receipts from 2002 after Christmas where I paid $.75 for a box of lights from K-mart, regular price $1.50(100ct mini). We will get used to the price (as always) and when it goes up $.10 next year (2012) we'll be complaining about the same thing.

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