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2011 Christmas Card Exchange, If You Want In, Reply Below

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I will take this up.

PM me your name and address.

I will prepare the list in word and pdf it for labels

Everybody that wants to participate should reply below. For privacy, pm me your:


email address that works with attachments


Mailing address:

Last year we tried it with two lists (a partial and a full). If you want to do this again, let me know so I can arrange the list accordingly.

Dale W

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The way this will work is that you send me your email, name, user name, and mailing address. When you do, you are acknowledging that you will send a Christmas Card to all the people on the list (usually less than 100 people).

I will put the names in a word file and a pdf file that you can use to print labels.

Purchase the cards and postage required to mail them (there are usually some people from Europe and Canada that participate too), write your PC name in the card and send them out (please, before Christmas).

And then you wait for your cards to use as you see fit.

Pretty simple, right? Cause it is. I spend about 2 hours doing this during the season.

If you have any questions, ask me/pm me or reply in the thread. I will address all questions in the tread, so keep an eye out.

Cutoff for replies will be November 19th at midnight. I will have a list prepared to email on the 20th.

it will work much like 2010's see ( ) except for the partial/international lists. I will only make one list.

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Thank you very much Dale for taking on this project. I've participated every year since joining PC. It makes it fun to get the mail. You get a lot of very nice cards. Some have pictures of lights, which are always fun to see; some are homemade; and some even may even include an ornament. You just never know what your creative friends at PC will send!

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