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Halloween 2011 Videos

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Couple videos of this years Halloween Show.

I changed about 90% of my lights from incandescent to LED RGB Lights. Only the faces and "firesticks" are still incandescent.

I'm only running 6 songs this year. I added only one new song....the rest are from last year, which I had to convert to fit the new setup. I was too busy working on the switching to LED and making lights, pumpkins, ect...I just didnt leave much time for sequencing.

My changes: Roof line has 6 CCRs. The house outline (sides, front, garage) are RGB Strips. Trees, Bushes and tombstones RGB Strings. 5 Double Rainbow Floods, All Pumpkins have (3) 5050 RGB Modules controlled via DMX. 4 additional DC boards and iDMX.

Total Channels: 1144

Big Thnk you to DMoore for this videos and explanation of how the DMX modules, RBG lights, ect works. Alot of trial testing and figuring out what is best for my setup. Lots and Lots of reading.


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Excellent job Kevin. Some major programming there with all the CCR's and RGB's.

Your Halloween display is what got me into LOR last year.

Can always count on you to set the bar high with your display.

Love all the color changes with the LED's.

Like the other member said "theatrical".

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Thanks for the nice comments. Some of the youtube comments are so brutal.

Was on Foxnew yesterday and GMA today. Here are some links.



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Thanks for the nice comments. Some of the youtube comments are so brutal.

They're clueless as to the amount of time and effort (say nothing for the expense) it takes to do something of this magnitude. Nothing short of impressive. What stuck me was the choreography... verrrrry polished. Are you in the lighting biz? I watched it several times and kept thinking about how much time and attention to detail you have in your show. Any idea as to the amount of time you've spent sequencing? All of us here on PC can appreciate your effort.

Again, very impressive. :)

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I have had several people that I teach with...knowing I am a "blinking light" fanatic ask if I had seen your video. Great job.

Can you tell me, what are you using for your blinder lights? Are those Rainbow Floods???


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Halloween's Master is back again.

Don't care about the bad comments on youtube and I've just seen it has been shared 923 990 times on facebook too !

Believe me : you have more admirers than haters and I'm proud to be one you have converted to LOR with your awesome mouths' synchronizations.

Greetings from your French "Godson" :)

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