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Quick Connect/disconnect Ideas?

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So on my roof line, I have pre-installed 3 different colors of lights (red, white, and blue) onto PVC sections to make setup and take down much quicker and easier. Those 3 were easy as they were all the same brand and size of lights so the lengths matched up perfectly. However, I still want to install green as well. The problem is the green lights are a different brand and therefore are a different length. The others are 19.6 ft. lit, and the green is 16 feet lit. I still want to be able to leave the green on the PVC sections each year. What I am wondering is, does anyone have any ideas on what I can do at the 19.6 ft junction with the green set so I can disconnect them each year at the same point as the other three sets? Some sort of quick connector or something? I don't think a plug will work due to there being 3 wires....correct?

Thanks in advance.


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you might be able to use a 3-prong plug and wire them up so the same wires attached to the male end line up correctly with the female end to keep the series in line. Be sure to use a plug that will allow the normal ground prong to carry power safely (one that doesn't electrify anything else on the plug other than the prong)

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