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Wireframe Clips For Sale


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I got wireframe clips for sale made from pvc will last longer than plastic clips.

white,green 3/16 300 clips $12.00 shipping includied.

white,green 3/16 500 clips $28.00 shipping included

white green 3/16 1000 clips $36.00 shipping included.

green 1/4 300 clips $12.00 shipping included

green 1/4 500 clips $28.00 shipping included

green 1/4 1000 clips $36.00 shipping included

Shipping will be flat rate shipping.

anybody interested you can e mail me I will give you all paypal info

e mail address [email protected] Thanks Kim

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I don't want to sound mean, so please don't take this in the wrong way, but why would anyone buy 500 clips for $28 when they could buy 2 of the 300 clips for $12 X 2 = $24? You get 100 additional clips for $4 less. I am assuming it's because of the flat rate boxes and what can fit, I just don't see the point of listing the 500 count for sale.

Again, I mean no harm by this post, just wanted to point out what I saw as it may have been overlooked when you originally posted.

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