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Last night, I noticed my lights were off on my one bush. Today, I came out to find my lights ripped off the bush, In a nice, neat wrapped pile. I go to put them back up, thinking the plow it them, and found my C7 blinking eyeball lights missing. Now I see why you use ty-raps and padlocks. They only cost $10, but I figured I'd share it with you all.

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Sorry to hear that. It is a very bad feeling for a bit when you figure out that people have done this to you.

As you say, $10. Don't ever let them beat you. Come back bigger and better. That is the best feeling there is to know that you don't let one ruin it for all.

Have fun. Tonight is going to be a great night!

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I want to share a little something about my obsession with Christmas Lights. It all started when I was 13 years old and we lived in Shelton,I had a Seattle P.I. morning paper route with 60 or so customers, the Christmas papers were like 3 inches thick with sale flyers so one of my friends helped me with the route and the man that delevered the huge 14 "HUGE" bundles of papers at 1 A.M. loaned me another paper bag for my friend to use. so we hustled and got all the papers delivered by 4 A.M. thats when me and my friend got into some mischief and started to steal christmas lights from yards(why we were doing that I still to this day am not sure why) -----we had 2 paper bags stuffed with lights (front pouch and back pouch hold a lot!) when we got caught by the cops the next day. we had been bragging to our friends about what we did and someone told thier dad . BIG TROUBLE----we had to go door to door and tell the people how sorry we were about what we had done ------we got 1/2 way done and were out of lights to return to all the victims of our terrible crime, as people were taking more lights from the big boxes of lights than we took from there yards and so my dad had the rest of the victims of this terrible crime write down what they had lost and I had to buy like $250.00 + lights to replace the rest and I got fired from my route and was grounded for 6 months. The route manager put me to work in his garage stuffing flyers in sunday papers. so I learned my lesson big time ---so if you or your neighbors are missing lights it might be the paper boy---------

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