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Outlining Roof (corrugated Iron Roof)

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In the years past, I used binder clips to hold the light strands along the roof line. The binder clips rust in the wet weather and I need a better alternative.

Does anyone have a good method (rust/corrosion free) to attach several light strings along the roof line? I live in a very rainy area.


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Sounds like you already have the stringers. Here is a novel approach to attaching lights to a metalic surface.


you may be able to adapt this design into your existing lights. The Dollar Store may have those round "button" magnets or if you are planning to expand your display, this may be the perfect time to buy these stringers and repurpose the existing ones

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For lights on the house, I put small eye hooks spaced about 2' apart. I leave the eye hooks up year-round. For decorating, I put an 18 guage steel wire through the eye hooks and then either clip the lights to the wire, or simply tuck them in underneath the wire. I'm not sure if this would work on your roof as I don't know what is beneath the metal. The really slick thing about this system, IMO, is that to Un-decorate, you just clip the wire and pull it out and the lights are set free. It does help to have two people when doing this so that the lights don't just crash to the ground!

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