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Daryl @ Christmaslightshow.com Amazing Service!


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I purchased about 15 stars from Daryl last year. It was my first year and needed an area on the roof filled with some lights. It was getting close to Christmas and I called Daryl, told him what I wanted to do and he immediately made some suggestions. I made the order and he sent the stars out as soon as he was done with the welding.

This year I decided to build a 20ft mega tree and have been researching on the best way to get it done.

After making the decision to go with Daryl again, I called him and he again took time to make suggestions. I made the order at 9:00 am pt and he had it ready to ship by 11:00 am pt with a UPS label.

This is unbelievable that someone can take the time to get things together that quickly during the busiest time of the year.

Thanks Daryl, I will continue to do business with you in the future.

Alan Gerkey

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I can't agree more about the service Daryl gives. We had a bunch people scheduled to be over last Saturday to help lift the heavey stuff inculding setting help the MegaTree we bought from Daryl about 3 years ago. Well of course I waited until Wednesday night and Thursday morning to look to make sure we all the parts. Of couse we were missing the solid pin that joins the 2 pipes togther. I called Daryl at 4pm Thursday and he still got it out that day for me, of course I had to pay the overnight charge.

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