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Showing A Little Appreciation

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As I prepare for next week's light show launch, I stopped for a bit to think about the work to be done and how to get it done in time. It was high time that I said something about how to make this all happen.


It needed to be said, because so much of what I do is so dependent on what she does. I'm sure I'm not alone.

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Very true my friend. If she didn't handle all those day-to-day activities, and you had to, you probably wouldn't have enough time to accomplish the display you strive to create every year!

In a world of 50% + of marriages ending in divorce, I'm glad to see you appreciate your wife, and are willing to take notice and try to "pay her back" for all that she does!

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I agree. My wife does not do any sequencing or building. But she loves the show enough that she is out there every day when putting the lights out - and when taking them down. To me, those are the 2 worst parts of the whole thing (especially taking down in the cold and wind the first week of January). But she is a trooper helping to get it done.

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