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Need Help Mounting Empire Santa Sleigh And 9 Reindeer To Roof

Sucker Punch

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I am new and I'm sure this is a common question. I spent a couple hours yesterday trying to search the forum with little to no results. I am on different forums and understand how repetitive basic questions can be so sorry if this one of those topics :wacko: , but I really could use some direction, or a link to another thread and help please. I was trying to get ideas on how to mount the sleigh and reindeer to the roof. I was thinking about screwing them into a piece of wood and then roping them off to keep them from sliding down roof. I mainly need tips on how to anchor the blow molds to the wood? Especially the reindeer. The sleigh doesn't seem too difficult but the reindeer may be a little tricky! Thanks ahead of time for any help. ;)

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I see you found your way over to the blow mold section....welcome!!

Here are a few links I found after I did a search on "flying santa" that I think will give you some ideas and provide good reading!

Santa on roof:

Santa flying: and here

Hope the links work as this is the first time I've posted links in a post.

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