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Fader Question Not Lor

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I purchased a 25w 2 channel fader to fade my 12 foot mega tree (16 strands) and a cross (16 strands) on the inside. This fader is to small and just keeps the lights steady on. Does anyone know of a bigger fader somewhere I can buy and also a timer that i can program to come on every so many minutes and then turn off after a predetermined time. I planned on going to LOR next year and was trying to make my Mega tree dazzle instead of staedy on but im stumped.

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I have a dj rope light controller from the 1980s That fades and can change intensity Its has only 4 outlets and is a great for fading spots thats what i use it for I have seen a few around that are similar but they were lil pricey. Check ebay and then use a timmer for it and see how that works for ya. Its nothing fancy but it does the job I try and find a link to one and see if thats what ya looking for

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