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Sign For My Neighbors House.


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It is not really wireframe but it is made with tubing. My neighbor is an older gent that never puts up any lights. A couple years ago we were chatting and he commented it would be alright if some of my lights spilled over onto his house. lol. I seen this a couple years back and we always joked it would be good for his house. This week I had some time so I put together a big arrow with the word "ditto" on it. Of course it will point to our house next door. He should get a good kick out of it.

I need to light it yet. I am still waiting for the paint to dry. Going to make the arrow red and the letters green rope lighting.


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Awesome sign!!!

Quick Question: When using the rope light for individual letters, how do you deal with the extra rope light? (for example the "i" is smaller than the "t") Did you black out the rest of the rope light string? or cut it somehow?

I'm new to rope light - thanks!


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Joules I got lucky for the most part and only had a few inches here and there to block out. I used electrical tape but today I noticed that seems to trap the heat as those sections are warmer then the regular untaped areas. I was thinking of trying some black split wire loom from an auto parts store. That would allow some room for air and cooling.

I bought my rope lighting from Action lighting and their stuff has cut marks every 18" so it is easy to find. You have to watch what brand you are using because they can be every 18, 24 or 36" where you cut it. LED rope lighting is 4" from what I looked at.

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