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I'm Afraid That I Am Officially Addicted To Blow Molds Now!

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I am on cloud nine and want more!

I picked up my first Blow Mold about 3 weeks ago for a dollar. :) It is the Empire Santa holding the blue present


Then I picked up an Empire Nativity set in great condition with some of the original boxes with the shephard, 3 sheep, 2 camels, mary, joseph, baby Jesus, cow, donkey, 3 wisemen, angel with trumpet (not pictured below) and a 39" Empire Nativity Star (not pictured below).


I also picked up an Empire Santa Sleigh and 9 reindeer in excellent condition at the same place. 3 of the reindeers bases were broken where it hooks to stand, but no worries because I am going to attempt to make them fly this year. Here are 2 pics I have so far of them



I also picked up this clown snowman and 2 candle sticks at the same place



I picked up everything above for $220 and I never plan to sell it. I have had it less than a week and I am already attached to it and want more :wub: .

I also found out great news. We have a friend that was at our house this evening and saw my new collection of blow molds and she said, "Oh, I think my dad has a santa and snowman he was trying to give me, do you want it? ME: YES! "

Can't wait to see what they are and nothing beats free! :)

Anyone know who made the candle sticks? Let me know what you think of my find!

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Thanks for all the comments! Nothing better than to feed the addiction. Not sure when to expect the santa and snowman, but I will post pics of them as soon as I get them! Just had a GIANT tree cut down in the front yard so my display will be seen better... oh, and it was leaning toward the house... hehehe! That was the official reason for removing it.

Here are a couple pics for you blowmold guy. Hope these help!



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