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Micro Mini Leds Too Bright!

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Good New - Bad News...

Good News: I landed over 400 strings of Micro Mini LEDs at an auction a couple months ago - avg price < $1 per string.

Bad News: I have my display setup - redid all of my mini trees and build arches with the Micro-Mini LEDs. Now that I'm testing my full display the Micro-Minis are WAY TOO BRIGHT!!!! Blindingly so!

Solution: After hours of testing, I found 30% is about right for a pleasant appearance. So, now I have to go through every sequence and adjust all of these down to a maximum of 30%. I have got a LOT of work ahead of me. Too bad S3 doesn't have a bulk search & replace function.

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You could go to the hardware utility and set your controllers maximum intensity to the percentage you want and then you do not have to modify your sequneces.

I looked at this utility, but found no way of setting the max intensity other than for testing. Could you be more specific.

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Yea me three, I'll take them off your hands... Their never too bright, unless your like me and have 3750 of them on your roof... Then it's just like a white orb in the sky when they cut on... It will literally light up my yard when they cut on, looks like a football field almost lol

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