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Need Ideas For Managing Traffic

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We live in a neighborhood on street that immediately ends into two short cul-de-sacs. (I.e. There is no thru street for driving past our house.) This is the fourth year of our display and I am really worried about the traffic backing up. The first year of the display, traffic backed up onto two major streets and the police paid us a visit. That year, I posted a question on the forums and got quick, fantastic help from the members. We implemented all the suggestions from the forum and it has helped tremendously. This year, we have really expanded the display - eight houses in the cul-de-sacs are now included in the show. With the show moving up such a "notch" - I'm worried about traffic becoming uncontrollable! (We started the show last night, and we had cars and limo's waiting in line!)

Here are the traffic control things we've done..........does anyone else have any ideas of other things we can do?

  1. We have multiple signs lining the cul-de-sacs that say "On busy evenings, please help us keep traffic moving" and then there is a picture of the layout of the cul-de-sac with arrows on where to drive to.
  2. Between each song we have voices (like Rudolph, Santa, the Grinch, etc) that come on and say things like "I have to get back to the North Pole, so help us keep traffic moving."
  3. We have many songs in the show, but I actually put the show ending every 4 songs, so the show just doesn't keep going and going.
  4. We have characters that come out in the evening....Santa, Mrs. Claus, Rudolph, Elfs, etc......and they help direct traffic.
  5. We talk to the Home Association and the neighbors.
  6. I call the local police and give them a heads up about our show and hours.

We do have a neighborhood clubhouse with parking, but that's more than 1/2 mile away. There are no sidewalks in our neighborhood. So far the neighbors living on the two cul-de-sacs have been great - and we haven't had any neighbor complaints, but we work really hard to do that. (The president of the HOA lives on one of the cul-de-sacs.) Does anyone have any other ideas to help keep the traffic moving> with the show moving up such a big "notch" and the volume of opening night traffic, I AM WORRIED!!!!

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The most I do is shorten the show. I'm not a traffic cop & have no desire to do so. The Holiday is about spreading joy, not working with idiot drivers that have no common sense. Watching the traffic from the window or dressing up as Santa and handing out candy canes once a week is the extent of my interaction with traffic. I would rather turn off the show than flag idiots to turn this way or that.

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