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Holdman Light Display

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I think that a lot of people have used Richard's ideas to improve their own show.

He's often copied, never duplicated.

Correction, in 2008 his HOA decided to "close the gate", something they had never done. He was know for sharing his sequences, and a fellow PC'er used every single sequence on his display. It was a way for him to thank Richard for his generosity. He copied the display nearly down to the elements complete with a tree line and snowflake wall. It was a very very good display.

Not going to lie, I have learned sooo much from his sequences and layout. It inspired me to do 2 tree lines and it really pushed my creativity. Also, I've come to enjoy seeing the Holdman sequences come to life on my display. I now use 6 different color stings on my elements, and a few of his sequences have been upgraded over time.

I will always give him the credit for his creativity and inspiration.

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