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Santa, The Sleigh And 8 Reindeer

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Boy oh boy.....absolutely amazing. You do beautiful work. Just love the deer - definitely a custom made set!!!

Thanks for posting the last picture so we can see the detail you've included on the deer. I bet you've got all the neighbors stopping by to see your display. Where in Texas are you located?

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It took about 24 days to make the reindeer just working weekends (6 weekends for 4 reindeer). Due to the size of the reindeer I could only make 4 at a time. The sleigh took about 6 weekends. The Santa took about one day to make the pvc skeleton. I actually made another sleigh and 2 reindeer for a new client of mine. I already have his order for the other 6 reindeer for next year. This was a busy year for me!

I'll see if I have more pictures to post.

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I just can't believe it. Every year you amaze me with your art work! I always look forward to see what you have next, each year. And once again, thanks for the praise on my "Peanuts Gang" last year. It really made my year hearing such thoughts from you. But sorry folks, nothing new this year from me. I have a very small yard, and Charlie and friends were made to last a few years.But I am thinking of ideas for the next characters and maybe other holidays.

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OK I have to have elves with Santa. I was challenged by a good friend to make them look realistic like Santa in the sleigh.

Here is the beginning of the first elf. I am planning on making 5 elves. I'll post more pcitures as the project progesses.post-9723-0-93402200-1338903433_thumb.jp

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