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Light Show Problems

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My show had been running great except I did have a box go down, but was able to get my spiral trees up via piggy backing them off my mini trees. Saturday night I was pulling out of the drive and the entire show locked. By the time I shutdown and reset all kinds of crazy things were happening. I had to shutdown for the night. Spent all day Sunday trying to recover. Looks like one box is fried (leaves channel on all the time), and two boxes won't come up on the network. I was running the show via a cable directly to the first box and now that doesn't find any boxes. I had to serial cable up the monsterbrain and I was able to get the rest of the show up Sunday night. Really crazy I couldn't seem to get anything to work that normally wasn't a problem. I know that A.L. is up to their necks in it, but I'm going to see what I can do to get up and running again. Wish me luck......

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When my show locked up I had kicked a GFI, and the show locked with certain channels hung up on different boxes. I've had GFI's kick before without that happening. I drove to K.C. on Monday with four boxes hoping for a quick fix. My car died outside of Emporia and I had to have it towed back to Wichita. My son drove down from Lawrence and I got the boxes to K.C. Two had bad rs-485 chips and one had all the firmware hosed and had to be reloaded. The other box was blowing internal fuses, but once plugged in up there it ran fine. Limped back to Wichita. Tuesday everything was up except 8 channels on one box. Swapped it out on Wednesday and all is up, but I'm unable to run the show via a cable that converts usb to rs-485. Doesn't recognize the controllers. I'm running cabled up through the monsterbrain and running via routine and run show live. It usually recognizes the ranges and group, but now you have to uncheck that option. The only problem I have now is I noticed that a show or two drops programming in parts of a given song. The programming is there, but it doesn't play. It's weird, because earlier in the same song that part of the display sees the programming and works like a charm. I'm letting it run this weekend and I'll fooling with it on a day when the crowds are going to be smaller.

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