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I've been a LOR user for 5-6 years with no problems. I recently upgraded to S3 and had no problems to report, UNTIL.... I started the show named "Christmas Best Of 2011". When the show came on it played some, but not all of the songs in the show. I renamed the show to refresh it, but had the same problem. I've used the show editor for years and it has worked fine. All the sequences work fine individually. Any known software glitches with the show editor?


PS. I've posted on the LOR website, but they also recommended posting it here due to the busy season.

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I had this happen when I did my work on 1 computer and then transfered the sequences and MP3 files to another computer for actually running the show. LOR could not find the audio even though it is in the same directory. If this happens, LOR will skip the sequence in the show. The reason this happens is because LOR will usually save the full path (and not a relative path) to the media file. This can cause a problem if you move the sequence and audio to a different directory or to a different computer. The good news is, this is really easy to check and really easy to fix -- assuming this is your problem. You'll have to load each sequence in the sequence editor and play it. If you get an error message telling you it can't find the media file, then you'll just have to select the media file again (it's under the Edit menu I think) and resave the sequence. Now all should be good with that sequence, but play 15 seconds of it just to be sure. After you resave the sequence, the show should be able to play the sequence too.

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