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Brand new to Planet Christmas. I've been building my Halloween and Christmas displays over the last 5 years. I currently have roughly 6000 LED lights controlled by a Mister Christmas control system and 7 controllers. (It was supposed to be 9 this year, but Mister Christmas' customer service is really lacking this year.) It is my hope to upgrade to a 16 channel Light O-Rama system next year. I also have a couple of blow ups: Snoopy and Santa and some lighted gift packages. I look forward to learning a lot here in the future Here are some pictures of this year's setup.

















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I have been getting compliments on our setup for both Halloween and Christmas every year. Probably keep the same basic layout, just more lights. ;) I learned from my very first year that it's best just to start out small and build up year after year. Next year, the big plan is to swap over to the LOR system and probably get some programs from Ultrashows. I would actually like to do theme nights, if I can get the programming down (say one night of comedy songs, Handel's messiah one night a TSO or Manneheim steam roller night, traditional religious carols one night etc..) I'll probably add another larger blowup. I would like to have a nativity scene of some kind, too. I'll know more later in the year as things work out. Have to work on my Halloween ideas, too. :P

Edit: One thing I might do this year, that I have never done: Make snow! Last year we actually had an appreciable snowfall around Christmas. That has never happened before. My son has asked Santa for snow for Christmas. I've done the research and it's easy to make a device to make snow. The one thing I can't control is the weather. It was 75 here and humid today. It needs to be colder, though not freezing for the stuff to work. It can be in the mid 30's with low humidity and you can make snow.


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