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I know this isnt what your going to want to hear but you have to stop thinking about it and move forward. Im not saying to forget but if thats all you thought about you wouldnt get anywhere and i know your parents wouldnt want that for you. Listen when my dad died we were in ruins finacial and everything falling apart. If i sat there and stayed depressed we likely be homeless. So i just acted like nothing happened day two like it didnt bother me. It did but i try not think too much about dead family but i do about the family that is still around. Just dont harp on it. I know it sounds bad but.... Quick thought then back to living. Thinking about dead family is depressing and can ruin your day believe me i know. Too much thinking can be bad thing for you but ya know quick thought then go about your biz Thats what i do try not to think about it too much.

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My dad passed this past March. He always loved Christmas; the family coming together, the kids and grand kids, the celebration, the lights, all of it. Do I miss him? Sure. But we aren't letting it get us down at all this year because I know for fact that he would kick my butt if I allowed even one minute of sadness or depression to enter into his favorite season. This will be my dad's best Christmas ever as he is celebrating it with God!

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