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Planning First Show For 2012

Lil' Joe

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It would be better to have fewer songs and really work on your sequencing. Most people are not going to sit out there for 45 mins and watch the entire show. My shows are around 10-12 mins.

My show is 31 min. long and I'm finding that many people are staying the full 30 min. making traffic a scary, scary thing. line of cars goes forever and the wait is about 1 hour.

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Great Advice from all

This was my first year with LOR 32 Channels in the past I put up static lights (around 25000) so my learning curve was not so bad on the balancing my power use

The two things that I have learned from this year (Thanks to the members here) saved me a lot of time and money and freindships with the neighbors

1. Invest in Zip Cord (Sp-1 or 2) Take what you think and double it, as been an absolute life saver

2. Pick up an FM transmitter and a set of small speakers for walk up traffic. One of my neighbors as loved my static display for 20 years but this new display with the same Da-- songs all night (4 hours) is to much. I do not have the unit yet but did turn the sound down and went to the neighbor and showed him my plan and he was very happy.

I wouldn't be affraid to ask any questions here the members are awsome with great ideas. I have been on other Member groups were lets say they are just plain not freindly

Merry Christmas and keep the spirit

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This was a show-saver this season as I have a controller that would not operated on 2 individual 15amp power lines. It kept tripping the GFCI so I connected the jumper wire and hooked it up as a single 15amp controller. I still don't know why it's acting that .way but thankfully I was ready for the problem and had the extra controller to solve the problem.

Hey Clyde sounds like you have a polarity problem in your outlet.... Possibly neutral and hot are swapped inside the outlet or even an extension cord that swapped it over in the wiring.

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