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The one i found is aweome! I was tearing all the old wiring out of shop b/c we are redoing everything. Well i had been thru a few of them and didnt feel right about them until the last one. Well there was a wire sticking out (without wirenuts)but the power was off im not stupid and he goes dont touch that wire then i tried to show him by grabbing it LMAO! Man he grabbed my arm pulled me away from it and i was fighting to get to the wire to prove to him that it wasnt hot LMAO He yelled at me too! I thought it was funny its not the first time i been shocked or last time either He said i about gave him a stroke! lol! OH HE WAS SO MAD AT ME! but Long story short He actully gave two farts so ya know dont pick first contractor you find Turns out my older family and his older family ran same circles in school so I guess he had to forgive me then LOL I have worked with alot contractors and i have had them shock you with 220 before b/c they thought it was funny WHICH IT WASNT! But I guess that seperates the idiots that shouldnt have jobs and the people that take their jobs serious. Great electrician hard to come by that can be trusted around here Well great contractor hard to come by PEROID! They watch a show on tv and next thing they know they professionals "But thats what the internet said to do!" :wacko::huh::o

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