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Left hammer outside went to get after dark and noticed a string was out and the extension cord was unplugged and pulled 6 ft away from the plug ??? Far as i know nobody has been in the yard to trip over anything like ups or usps they know better bunch of cords so they leave at the side door. Now we have squirrel problems but i didnt think they strong enough to drag a heavy Ga extension cord that far? Everybody out here keeps their dogs under control also i dont think it was animals. Why would someone walk into my yard and unplug one cord? I cant come up with what would have happened except someone did it. Unpluggin one cord doesnt bother me but what bothers me is someone has the balls to walk right up into my yard like they own it. And why would someone go out of their way to do something so stupid???? Thats not even worth the walk over here! What are they 5 years old? Yeap ya got me ruined my WHOLE DAY! :blink:

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Last year I had to put up a snow fence to keep the deer out. They will run right over your display! This year, I had coyotes watching while I did the setup. Kind of creepy because I was doing a lot of outside wiring in the dark and I could see the reflection of their eyes around the perimeter of the yard. Maybe a blessing though because, coyotes = no deer.

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