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Anyone Know Whose House This Is? Awesome Tso Sync With Lasers

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Larsens Christmas Light Show! 750,000 LED Lights, 4 Mega Trees, 10 Dancing Poles, 500 Strobes, 24 Mini Trees, 20 Raintrees, 10 Shooting stars, 6 DMX Lasers, 14 LED Floods and 476 Computer Animated Light O Rama channels! 3 Month's to set up.

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That's. A. Lot. Of. Strobes.


(Though I will add: Where are there 750k lights here? It looks like most of the central light comes from washes on the walls. Granted, there's a ton of lights on the roofline, and in the arches, and the mega's. But 750k? If he said 100k or even 200k I wouldn't hesitate to say "yeah", but where are there 750k here? Am I missing something?)

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