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Synchronized Lights On A "real" Large Tree

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My wife had what I think is a great idea last weekend. I have been wanting to do synchronized lights for several years now and I think my job next year will be such that I will be home enough in the fall that I can do my first setup. Has anyone put synchronized lights on a "real tree"? We have a fairly large live oak tree in our front yard. My wife suggested that I "wrap" the trunk & branches with lights. Has anyone synchronized branches, trunks, etc? What did it look like? Thanks in advance!!!

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Yes, lots of people have done it (whole tree). With large trees you will need a man lift to get you that high to put the lights on.

It takes a very large amount of lights. Perhaps someone on this list that does this can give you an idea of how many lights it takes.

it is a very impressive thing to see -- all those lights on a tree -- Two colors would make for a pretty sequence. the tree changes colors when you hook each color to a different LOR channel. Post a photo when you do it. We love photos. Look at some of the videos for ideas.

here is an example: http://www.collingwoodlights.com/index.php?do=pictures

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