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How many lights per tree?

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I am trying to figure out how many lights I am going to need and really don't know how many my trees will take. I want to do them correctly (going up and down each branch).

I plan on ordering all my lights online and want to make sure I get enough because when I start putting them up in Nov, I really don't want to run out.

Below is a picture of my house. How many lights do you think the front trees (marked in Green) will take. How many for the one labeled Orange and white? The one on the left marked Red by the Car kind of gives you an idea of how big that tree is so it may be easier to figure out.

I am not looking for an exact answer. I just want to make sure I have enough.


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If you have lights now, why don't you just wrap one up right now, wait till night, plug it in and see what you think! I think it all depends on who you ask. If you do it now you can do a "trial and error" of howmany you think will work... Are you using LOR or AL, if you are you might want to watch the watts....

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I used photoshop to make the picture.

I guess I can go out there and wrap one of the trees. My neighbors will think I am crazy but heck, it is Christmas in July this month!

I also have been figuring out all the amps. I am installing 6 dedicated 20amp circuits for the display.

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A few thoughts:

1) This question comes up regularly here, and the best answer is "there's never too many". Now there's certainly a point of diminishing returns, but it's seldom you'd look at a tree and say "there's way too many lights in that tree". This isn't necessarly true with, for example, one's house.

That said, it really depends on the effect. We put 1000 or so lights eachin some huge trees, and it doesn't even dent the tree. But it still looks OK, kind of like a random garland, and I could never afford the time, or the power, to put up the tens of thousands per tree it would really take to make them look "full".

EDIT: OK, I actually looked at your picture now! Your trees are small, so you won't need a lot of lights per tree. I have some slightly larger trees that I put 300 lights in. Some would want several times more. Just a benchmark...

2) I'd think twice (maybe 4 times) about ordering lights online. Even if you pay full price at Target, Wal-Mart, etc., you're going to be paying half, maybe a third, of what you pay online, including shipping. Unless you know of a deal that I don't... In the past, lights were $1.80-$2 at discount stores at full price, and $5-$10 online, including shipping... Prices are likely to be a little higher from both sources this year due to the inflated copper (and other) costs.


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Thanks for the comments tfischer! It has been a few years since I have bought any lights so I was not sure what the deparment store prices were. I think I will just wait until they hit the stores. Also if I do run a little short or have to return any, it will be easier.

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