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Stumbled Upon The Passion Train Last Night!

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I had a pretty funny experience last night - it's not the first time it's happened, but it's the first time I really got a good laugh out of it. I was handing out candy canes - it was relatively calm at the time, perhaps 8:45 at night. I was going from vehicle to vehicle talking with the guests and answering any questions they might have. I've got myself into a habit now of looking to see how many candy canes I have left in my basket as I approach the next car. I had run out a couple of days ealier and one poor kid didn't get a candy cane! Ah! (Luckily I had a backup supply of peppermints - not a candy cane, but the sadness went away!)

I had made it to all of the cars in the turnaround, cleaned out the donation box as it was getting full, and made one last loop to pick up a couple of cars I didn't remember seeing when I first made the rounds. I got to the last car and I just couldn't make out where the driver was... nor the passenger... I knew the car couldn't have been there for very long, plus the engine was still running... I could just barely make out through the tinted windows some extra curricular activities going on!

I can't let something like that go, so I had to blog about it. I did change the posting time and day as I don't know the background of my visitors, nor do I wish to cause undue stress or strain for someone caught up in the moment. At the same time... come on! At any moment 20 cars could pull in!

Here's my write-up about it on the blog for anyone who's interested... (It's the second post as of today - click read comments to see the entire post, complete with intentionally fuzzy / poor quality security camera shot...) At the very least, I was entertained!


(BTW, FINALLY got the node control working on the show. I do not have new videos posted yet, but I'm now officially running 5,000 channels of control and I couldn't be happier with the results!)

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